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It's time for our second listening practice. I'm giving you links to audio material you can listen to. You can also watch an episode of a series (there are lots of them you can borrow from the school library). Deadline: November 28.

Slow London (19.45)
In this programme, they talk about life in the city. Do things move too fast in cities? They talk to Rohan, who has started a campaign encouraging people in London to slow down. Mauricio, a listener, tells us about his life on a farm in Brazil.
To listen to this recording, click on "Listen online" or if you want to download it to your MP3 player, click on "Download MP3".

Expressing yourself
Likes (5.49) :
Dislikes (5.52) :
No strong feelings (5.41) :

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (13.34)
Listen to the first chapter of this dramatic audio performance.

Business women (7.53)
Meet two women who've started up their own papers, which have become very popular with parents of young children.
Once you're on this page, look for "Business Women" and click on the Real Player icon.
Don't give up if you find it difficult, they explain everything in detail after the documentary.

Bilingualism (6.48)
What are the advantages of learning several languages from an early age? What are the dangers? What’s the best way to teach your child two or more languages simultaneously?

Bad jobs (2.59)
Hear six different people talks about jobs they would not want to have.

First jobs (3.34)
Six people talk about their first job.

Remember the card you have to hand in must include:
- Title of the material you've watched / listened to
- Brief summary
- What you've learnt

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