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Here is new material for your next listening practice. Remember you can also use material from previous practices or borrow DVDs from the school library.

Deadline: February 3

Tractor lady

Dutch actor, Manon Ossevoort decided she wanted a bit of an adventure. So she set out on a journey from Europe to the South Pole... on a tractor! She's been travelling for two years through many countries and had all sorts of interesting experiences along the way. We hear about her journey so far.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (5.14)

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has recently returned from a 7-month sailing race around the world. At 68 years old he was the oldest ever competitor in the race but that is not the only sailing record he holds.

In this programme we hear from Sir Robin himself and find out how he's feeling, what he plans to do next and whether or not he thinks his age makes his achievement any more special.

New York City (6.35)

The Frugal Traveler discovers that New York is really a city of small, manageable neighborhoods, and it's not expensive if you know where to go.
Once you're on this webpage, look for the video "Frugal Traveller: New York City" on the list on the right.

Bites in Valencia, Spain (8.54)

Food columnist Mark Bittman, a k a the Minimalist, watches Pep Crespo make paella at a restaurant called L'Alter outside the city.
Once you're on this webpage, look for the video "Bites in Valencia, Spain" on the list on the right.


Samantha gives a dinner party to impress Rex Barker, one of Darrin's clients. Rex brings along his date, Babs Livingston, but advances on Samantha in the garden when he gets drunk. To teach him a lesson in treating people with respect, Samantha changes him into a dog. Darrin, thinking only of the possible loss of the account, is furious and Samantha locks him and the dog out. Endora sets a cat on the dog (Big mistake!). Samantha takes Barker to a vet and then changes him back to a man. The next morning, Barker, not having learned a thing from the night before, again makes a pass at Samantha (Very BIG mistake!). Darrin punches him and quits on the spot. Later, Barker apologizes and signs the contract on condition that Darrin return to the agency.

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